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May 14, 2016

May 13th, 2016 Episode 45

Hi and welcome to the brainstorm podcast. This is episode 45 and today is May 13th, 2016. I’m Cory and my panel tonight are Rene, Lana, and Leo, with the always amazing Dave doing sound. We’re here in Roman Empire studios in Regina, Saskatchewan and tonight we’re joined by nobody. We didn’t reach out to get any guests because we thought we’d take some time to discuss the conference that passed just two weeks ago. The Shift to reason conference was our first ever secular conference and it was a huge success.


Woo Report

Cory’s Story
Turpentine as medicine

Turpentine is an essential oil distilled from pine tree sap
hydrocarbon poisoning - Ingestion of hydrocarbons, such as petroleum distillates (eg, gasoline, kerosene, mineral oil, lamp oil, paint thinners), results in minimal systemic effects but can cause severe aspiration pneumonitis.

At little as a single tablespoon of turpentine can be fatal to a child
Fatalities appear to be rare in adults from consumption, but turpentine can cause severe and even fatal lung inflammation if inhaled, in addition to heart arrhythmias. The CDC says turpentine is “Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health Concentrations.” Even the vapour can irritate mucous membranes in the mouth, eyes and nose.

So, there’s actually a facebook group where the posts all expound the virtues of turpentine. It’s a closed group and nobody can join it unless they give the admins access to their own posts on their own wall. I can only assume that this is because they don’t want to let skeptics or authority figures know what they are doing; because some of them are poisoning their fucking kids.

Parasites – it’s poison so it makes sense that it will kill parasites. It may also kill you.

Candida – directly quoted from Science Based Medicine article.,” Candida infections or colonizations that alternative medicine providers describe are not the same fungal infections that are diagnosed by medical doctors and treated with antifungal drugs. In the alternative medicine world, nonspecific complaints (e.g., fatigue) are often attributed to Candida infections. These types of “infections” are invisible to medical professionals, but seem universal in the CAM belief system. To be clear, Candida is a real fungus, and Candida infections can be real. But in these cases, there’s no evidence that Candida is causing any infection. It’s a made-up diagnosis with no objective evidence to back it up.”

Autism – Just no.

Head lice – Again, it’s fucking poison. It may kill head lice but it may also cause damage to you or your child

Arthritis and Gout – The earth clinic site is hilarious with this one. Rub a mixture of 1 part turpentine with 2 parts castor oil, or olive oil, or coconut oil. Because the rubbing won’t relieve a small amount of pain, unless you mix in some bullshit.

There are more but you get the idea. They think that turpentine can cure all kinds of things when the fact is that it’s a dangerous poison and shouldn’t be ingested or rubbed on your skin.


Lana’s Story
President Obama has ordered for abortions to be celebrated on Mother's Day

Rene’s Story

Angela’s Story



Religious Nuttery

Leo’s Story

Brad Wall and the prayer before the Saskatchewan Legislature


10:15 pm music break – When Doves Cry – Prince, How the God’s Kill – Danzig, and No Gods, No Masters - Droid

Skepticism 101 part 13: Breaking down the logical fallacies part 6

Argument to moderation (Latin: argumentum ad temperantiam)—also known as [argument from] middle ground, false compromise, gray fallacy, and the golden mean fallacy[1]—is an informal fallacy which asserts that the truth can be found as a compromise between two opposite positions

example:climate change, or anti vaxxers/ safe vaxx arguments


 A Voice For the Innocent


Atheism for Dummies part 11

Religion for atheists part 5 – Buddhism

2500 years old, started in india, 360 million followers worldwide, based on the teachings of Siddharta Guatama who lived around 500 BCE, Depending on the sect, Buddhist beliefs may include gods, ancestors, and the afterlife,but none of them have to and most important Buddhist beliefs are about suffering and how to escape it. The main thrust of Buddhism is to end suffering and Buddhists believe that humans suffer mainly because we strive after theings that don’t give us long term happiness.

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There were some other tweets and conversations but these were the ones that stood out to me


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There are some upcoming conferences in Canada, check out Imagine No Religion in Richmond B.C. on May 20th just one week away. There’s the annual Non conference, this year in Niagra Falls on August 13th and there’s the AB Secular conference on September 15th and 16th  in Edmonton. 

Imagine No Religion -

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