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Feb 25, 2017

So, this is kind of just an extra episode. This was previously put out on the Wayward Atheists podcast feed on but they kindly provided the audio so that I could share it with our subscribers in case anyone doesn't listen to both shows. If you don't, then I highly recommend you check theirs out.

I was online discussing some of the typical arguments against the "far" left and one of those arguments is in regards to no-platforming, particularly at universities. During the discussion on Facebook, Edward Smith challenged me to a debate to defend my stance that no-platforming is well within the rights of a school to do. This is that debate.

I'll likely create special show notes on the website,, in order to provide some links to my where my views originate. I'll find some information for what Ed discussed and post that on the page too.

I'll also be analyzing my performance and re-evaluating my position in a future bonus post for Patrons only. If you'd like to hear that, then you can by becoming a patron at

I hope you enjoy the debate and it helps someone think a bit deeper about the side they don't agree with. Feedback is always welcome at

Thanks for listening.