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Jan 11, 2014

Original release date:Jan. 11, 2014

In this episode Lana, Mike and Rene join me(Cory) to talk about some topics I found. In the first part we tackle a few different things from a bit about Duck Dynasty, to responsible journalism, to economic disparity

Edit: I don't really remember much about this one except that this was the first time we invited Lana to join the podcast. She was a great addition to the crew. I think this is really where we started to find our stride.

Chris Kluwe's article about how he was fired from the Minnesota Vikings. 

Luke O'Neil article discussing the downside of modern internet journalism 

Richard Wilkinson's TED talk on economic disparity. 

Discussing education I decided it was ok to insult the majority of my podcast compatriots. :) This link is relevant to the monetary value of different types of education that we touched on during this episode and discusses why philosophy is a good choice in your education.

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