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Jan 13, 2014

Original release date: Jan 13, 2014

Finally part 3 of the January 11 episode. Lana, Mike, Rene and I talk about the documentary ChristCore, vitamins and climate change.

Edit:I bought a copy of the movie Christcore and then talked to the producer about talking about it on our show. He gave me a copy to send to the rest of the crew so that we could all talk about it. I think I cut and spliced in some clips from the movie into the show. You may recognize one of them from our Religious Nuttery segment bumper that we use all the time. This episode and the two previous episodes were all from just our fourth ever time in studio. Still getting into the swing of things but not bad. ~Cory

Here's a link to the ChristCore facebook page

Some links related to the vitamin discussion is the science based side. This is the fitness supplement supporter side of it And this is the quack doctor who sells snake oil side of it


The Harper government seems to think destroying data is ok,

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